As a professional house cleaner, people often ask if I keep my own home ultra clean. The answer is always “NO”, but it is clean enough at any given time for an unexpected guest. One of my trade secrets is that I never leave the house or go to bed with a dirty kitchen sink. Keep this clean and the rest of the house will fall into place.


I can testify that after sampling nearly every single cleaning product that can be purchased at the local grocery store, simple, old-fashioned DIY products tend to be the best. They both impress and surprise me every time.

This recipe is super easy: 1 part apple cider vinegar, 1 part water, into a spray bottle. Let it sit for about a minute and clean with a wet towel or sponge (I use towels in our home because they can be washed). Then take a paper towel and dry to a shine.

Apple cider vinegar not only cleans, it disinfects. And don’t worry about the smell. It dissipates in a few minutes.