Vacuuming is an essential cleaning chore. I recently was in a home where the only room that had carpet (the bedroom) had not been vacuumed since the day the client moved in. Three years ago! Simply disgusting.

Not only was the carpet ruined, but it also stank. Imagine not combing your hair for three years, and you get the idea.

Who does not love walking into a clean house where the carpet has been recently vacuumed and see all those lovely vacuum lines?

Here is how we do it at La Belle’s:

Step 1: Use the vacuum cleaner crevice tool to clean around the edges of your room.

We call this edging the carpets, and it does make a big difference. What is the point of vacuuming the carpet and then leaving dirt, dust bunnies, crumbs, and even bugs up against your baseboards?


Step 2: Use the vacuum crevice tool or flat universal piece to clean under furniture.

Dust and dirt will make their way under chairs, coffee tables, end tables, and such. Move lighter pieces of furniture. For heavier or awkward pieces, get down on your hands and knees with an upholstery attachment.


Step 3: Starting at the corner farthest from the door, vacuum left to right and then front to back.

Vacuum twice. This ensures total coverage.


Step 4: Vacuum your way out the door.

Those vacuum lines are so sexy!


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