Most would say that you go on vacation to get away from your house cleaning chores? I agree. To a certain point. As a professional house cleaner, I go out of my way to take a few moments to “walk-through” my hotel suite before settling in for the duration.

Check the bathrooms.

Besides looking for cleanliness, turn on the faucets to make sure everything is working correctly. Flush the toilet. Are there any loud, out of the ordinary, or problematic noises? Have the floors been mopped? Does the hotel supply toiletries like shampoo or mouthwash? I have found over the years that items like tissues and plastic drinking cups are disappearing from hotel’s basic amenities. If not, ask housekeeping if they will provide a few essentials.

Towels, Bed Linens, and Bed Bugs

Here you will want to take a few extra minutes and look over everything carefully. Make sure that you have been provided at least one full set of towels for each person staying in your room. Pull back your bed linens and take a good luck. Is everything fresh? Do not unpack a single thing until you look for bed bugs  If you have any issues, leave immediately and insist on a different room.


Open the microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Clean? Good. Turn on the garbage disposal. Working? Good. Glasses, dishes, and eating utensils clean? Good. Report anything appears to be missing or is not working properly to housekeeping. You could be charged for someone else’s incidentals.

TV, Lamp and Wall Switches

There is an old saying in the cleaning business, “If it is not dirty, do not clean it.” I disagree. Especially when it comes to dealing with TV remotes, lamp and wall switches. Germs galore. I strongly recommend that you bring along a package of antiseptic wipes or a can of disinfectant spray to clean these high traffic areas.

Finally, go ahead a take a good look at the dining table, chairs, mirrors, countertops, and room packets. Everything should look clean, feel clean, and be clean. Do not tolerate an unclean hotel suite. You are paying for comfort and cleanliness.  Most hotel housekeeping staff take pride in their rooms and are happy to address your concerns.