This part of my Speed Cleaning series cover tools. If you want to speed through your house in the one hour this week that you have dedicated to cleaning, you will need the proper equipment.

Let’s get this out of the way first- make a little bit of an investment. It’s completely worth it.

The Apron

As mention before this is the cornerstone of the Speed Cleaning system. You could go to any home improvement store a pick up a 3-pocket apron but why not go all out and get the 7 pocket version like this one. It carries all your stuff and allows you to move freely from room to room.


This is no ordinary toothbrush. This one is designed to really dig in and scrub out the crud around your faucets, drains, and grout. Check this one out .

Razor blade holder

You will want something sharp to remove baked on, dried on, and splatter particles from tile, granite, and glass.

The Carryall Tray/Tote

La Belle’s uses the Husky 4 inch Supply Tote. It features 8 outer pockets and 7 inner pockets. Made from canvas, it is durable. Take a look .

Feather Duster

I recommend something with  a short handle so that it fits snuggly into your back pocket. Get one made with ostrich feathers.

Whisk broom

You will also want something small enough to put into your back pocket. This is for lamp shades, baseboards, cushions, and carpeted stairs.

Toilet Brush

No explanation needed.

Tile Brush

You want to use one of these on the walls and floor of your shower. Small and sturdy is best.

Flat Mop with pads

La Belle’s uses a flat mopping system with pads that can be washed and reused up to 200 times. No lunging around buckets on dirty water or bending over to wring out those gross sting mops. Rubbermaid makes this affordable options. Perfect for the Speed Cleaner!

Finally, the Vacuum

First, make sure it is clean and in good working order. When was the last time you replaced the belt? Then, put in a fresh bag or empty the canister. Wipe down the outside of your vacuum, too, from time to time. Finally, store it properly and treat it with respect. Most vacuums are designed for hard flooring as well as carpet. Many have onboard attachments.

Outside of a few rags and sponges ( which I will be covering in the next post), you are almost ready.