Achieving professional results using the speed cleaning system depends on choosing the right cleaning cloth for the job. At La Belle’s Affordable Cleaning Service we use three types of towels and one type of mop pad. Here is the breakdown.

Blue Recycled Surgical Huck Rags

For glass surfaces and all things that sparkle. These towels are lint free. Sold pre-washed and ready to use right of the box. They are durable, hemmed, colorfast, and absorbent.  GLASS ONLY! Use only with vinegar and water or glass cleaning products. Do not use with bleach or oil-based cleaning product.

Terry Cloth

These towels are for big, dirty jobs. Shower walls, bathtubs, tile floors, and greasy kitchen jobs.  The slightly raised fabric scrubs well. Terry cloth can safely be used with all types of cleaning products. These rags are NOT LINT-FREE! So wash separately to prevent shedding onto other types of towels.

Microfiber (2 colors)

I recommend two colors. One for dusting. One for general purpose.

DUSTING MICROFIBER RAGS ARE FOR DUSTING ONLY. Wash these separately from the general purpose microfiber towels that are used for kitchen or bathroom cleaning. Once a bathroom rag is used, it is removed from the rest of towels to avoid cross-contamination. Safe on all surfaces and for the most part, lint-free.  Microfiber grabs dirt and holds on to it.

Microfiber Mop Pads

No string or sponge mops allowed. La Belle’s uses a flat microfiber mopping system with mop pads that can be removed and washed over and over again. This ensures that every home gets a fresh mop! These mop pads can be used on any hard surface and leave no streaks or residue. The microfiber material removes more dirt, dust, and bacteria than conventional floor cleaning methods. Lint-free and non-abrasive.

Paper Towels

Oh, one more thing. Paper towels. Use good sturdy paper towels to clean toilets, the tracks of sliding glass doors, inside ovens, and pet area. One use only.

The biggest secret to producing professional results with speed cleaning is using making sure you use the right towel for the job.


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