Clean your entire home in just an hour? Yep, you can, and you don’t have to feel rushed or overwhelmed. It takes practice and a plan but anyone, including you, can become a Speed Cleaner.

A Busy Life

In 2002, when I came to a crossroads in my life, I began cleaning homes professionally. A single mother of two very small children, my schedule was set around them. Outsourced daycare was not an option, so I needed a job that was extremely flexible. I was unable to work more than about a few hours a day. No nights, no weekends, no holidays. I had a college degree but nowhere to use it. One day, my mother showed me an advertisement in a free local want-ads paying $10 per hour to clean houses.  After much debate, I called. I have never looked back.

Now, you are wondering what does this have to do with cleaning your house quickly? Everything.

I had absolutely no experience in domestic service, and I was determined to make my new career work. After all, I had finally found a job that worked with my kids’ schedules.

The Key to Speed

One day in the public library, I came across a VHS tape (I know, I am dating myself) of Jeff Campbell’s Speed Cleaning. This video and his book (of the same title) changed my life.
Campbell, and his team, fundamentally changed the art and science of housecleaning. Jeff’s system teaches homeowners and professionals alike how to work methodically through houses cleaning each room top to bottom and left to right. You can visit the Clean Team website for books, DVDs, and a full catalog of cleaning essentials.

The core of this maintenance program is the seven pocket cleaning apron. It saves a considerable amount of time because you are carrying a small version of your cleaning kit with you from room to room.

This is the same cleaning system that we use at La Belle’s Affordable Cleaning.

One Hour, Once a Week

Here is the disclaimer. Speed Cleaning is a maintenance program. Since you will be cleaning for one hour, once a week, you will in actuality be cleaning your home about four hours a month. This is the typical amount of time that a professionally-licensed cleaning service would take for monthly cleaning. Deep cleanings, seasonal cleanings, and other heavy cleanings like refrigerators and ovens will not be included in the Speed Cleaning program.

Speed Cleaning allows you to keep your home clean and tidy on any given day saving those big jobs for the professionals.

Next Week…

Next week, I will be detailing the actual cleaning steps involved room by room. There is a small amount of pre-cleaning preparation, but it will only add a few minutes to the total time of the cleaning. If you have a partner, the work will go faster, and the cleaning will be deeper.