Contributing Blogger and Professional Cleaning Technician, Brittany Deojay, shares her remedy for dealing with holiday anxiety. Cleaning!

We all know the holiday season is a hectic and stressful time of year for many of us and we’re all looking for a way to relieve that. For many of us, it’s not only the holidays, but there are also many things that can cause us stress, make us anxious, and depressed.

As a person who struggles with these things almost daily, I can attest to the power of cleaning. This past week had me so on edge with the coming holiday; I felt the same old creeping anxiety taking over and telling me how badly things could go wrong, it made me feel exhausted like I couldn’t manage to do anything. I can not stand that feeling, so to prove to myself that I could do something, something for everyone, and something for myself, I picked up my cleaning supplies and got to work.

I dusted down forgotten cobwebs, I cleaned things in plain view I honestly forgot we owned, I scrubbed out my sinks, and I even polished the fridge (yes and it is gleaming!) all while rocking out to holiday music to help keep me motivated.

The result was not just that my house was clean, REALLY clean, I had worked very hard, and I felt great, and it wasn’t just me. Everyone in the house seemed to have shed their grump and worries walking in the door, seeing a house bright and fresh, an older home that could honestly use work, but it didn’t feel that way anymore. In one day I had not only shed my fears and anxieties but everyone else’s. And even better, everyone is now consciously helping to maintain the clean and refreshing atmosphere, whether it is merely wiping off a countertop, cleaning up the dishes as they’re made, or picking up and putting things away or getting rid of stuff we don’t use.

It may seem like a small thing to some or just too much work for others, but I promise you, nothing makes you feel better than using your own hands to create your own bright space. Knowing that I made everyone feel relaxed and happy from one day of cleaning fills my heart up and gives me a sense of pride.

So for anyone else who feels this overwhelming dread and anxiety, who find it almost impossible to get out of bed some days, even a small clean up can help you feel better, more yourself. Even if you only clean off a nightstand or make the bed or just wash the dishes, you are doing something for yourself and others, and you matter.

Happy Cleaning and Happy Holidays!