A really clean bathroom is often in the smallest details. As a professional cleaning service, one of the many tasks that we see neglected is the soap tray or soap dish.

Every bathroom is home to one of these slimy, caked, crusty, moldy dishes that houses our “go-to” bar soaps. More times than not, this is the same soap that we use on our face, hands, and bodies.

You have gone to all the time and trouble to clean your entire bathroom. Washed the tile walls, killed the black mold in the corners, scrubbed the inside of the toilet, wiped the lid, polished the mirrors, even mopped the floor only to leave this gross eye-sore behind.






Here a few tips to help you keep your soap trays and dishes looking their best…

While enjoying a hot shower, take a terry cloth rag with you and scrub the soap dish. Think of it as multi-tasking






Toss your soap dishes into the dishwasher once a week.

Get creative! Cut a sponge to size and place it at the bottom on the soap dish. It will absorb the excess water and capture the soap.

A really tough job may require a really tough cleaner. Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner will dissolve must tough soap scum in about 45 minutes. Just spray and wait. Come back with a sponge and wipe.